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Treat Eye Minus With Betel Leaves


cure eye minus the betel leaf - who does not love having beautiful eyes healthy and free from glasses. almost all people would want the subject. have a healthy body, indeed throughout the dream. But what if you've already had a situation minus eye. eye has minus is indeed tiring. not only because the cape hang glasses on the face, it is also disturbing about patient motion area. you are no longer so free while doing some activities like swimming or other type of activity. But you do not lose heart, because minus the eye can be treated. however it all depends on how much damage your eyes as well as the situation also how diligent you are doing therapy. nah, for those of you who still have not been too chronic pain situation you can still receive the opportunity to regain your healthy eyes without glasses or contack must use the lens just use betel leaf.Betel leaf which has so many benefits to avoid and cure diseases recognized to cure eye minus. when the article was originally kenzoo first to share about dealing with bad breath fast time with betel leaf, then in the current health guide back kenzoo share about another benefit of betel leaf to cure eye the first kenzoo explain in writing at the beginning that leaves coined astiri oil content, namely kadinen, kavikol, cineol, eugenol, and karvakol. astiri oil from the betel leaf contains sesquiterpenes, starch, diatase, sugar and tannin substances which have the power to kill germs as well as antioxidants as well as antifungal.antiseptic substances to all parts can remove the dirt on the eyes and also reduce eye pain. when maintenance is done regularly and continuously to cure eye minus. step is quite easy use and uncomplicated. Take enough betel leaf that was old then fold the four sides so the folds. side of the form is beyond the bone. then put on the eye as well as the key to keep from falling plaster and let it all overnight.This step is very good indeed done at night while sleeping. This subject can remove impurities that exist in the eye as well as to cure eye minus. minus the eye healing is by using betel leaf is not the same for everyone. although this can avail betel leaf relaxes the eye muscles, but to cure eye minus can be coupled with a special massage on the eye nerve. generally some expert can do acupressure acupressure in the eye area with a circular malakukannya and very careful because this berhubngan with nerves.use betel leaves to cure eye minus worked well for the situation remains small minus eye. optimal, patient experienced minus three. as well as to reduce to patients with increasingly more minus three is generally a few experts can also provide herbal drops. some experts acupressure therapist mentioned that eye problems can be cured with a minus is indeed more or less full-blooded diarea eyes. massage therapy in addition to the specific diarea also need done. when pressed, to which his eyes minus can feel pain.not only with the above steps, use of water combined with betel leaf, you can get rid of the germs on the eyes. This step can be done when the eyes and conceded a soft object small animals that are difficult to be removed from within the eye. eyes feel jammed due to the difficulty excreting the entry. to put into a plate of betel leaves and then fill it with water, put your eyes water merged into a piece of betel leaf. try to open and close your eyes over and over again when the eye had gone down into the water until the dirt is removed.nah, so health guide on current opportunities regarding the use of betel leaf for eye treatment minus the share kenzoo can make some close friends. may be useful.

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